Sunday, July 10, 2011

Is monday a good chance to enter those counters which u have been waiting?

I hope not... but most probably Msia market tomorrow will be "red sea" . Foreign fund might dispose, shares will fall, index drop from all time high?

Unless there is a magic hand( EPF, n GLCs) to support the index, or else... its time for us aim some good counters but currently standing at high price.

I'm aiming at K1. Probably all of u might think that there is rumours saying that the company is transferring to main board or etc. If you believe in it.. its a strong buy. I'm looking at it from a different perspective. The company is doing well as it has secured some contracts at Europe. Besides, this company is fundamentally strong as compared to those counters like Ra, cuscapi, digista, tcube, and those Ace Market counters. All those are simply speculative counters n loss making counters but it has rose more than 100%.

In fact, as long as it can bring us money we wont care whether or not it is speculative. Therefore, if any of my readers are fundamental follower u may want to keep an eye on this counter-K1.

I do invest in speculative counters as well. However, I try to avoid it due to current market condition. CA will post BUY CALL especially on speculative counters at my chat box as well. The track record is good so far.

Buy at your own risk :)