Saturday, June 25, 2011


Dear readers,

Congrats to those who followed my call on LBS. It getting higher. For those who is able to pick up the shares, please hold. I will keep all of you updated. However, trader might consider to sell it and lock profit? Pull back in this coming week is reasonable as it has risen alot for the past week.

Share price has slowly pick up. Hopefully next week it will go higher. Epf has been buying drb-hicom very actively for the past months. Epf's current holding on Drb-hicom has exceed their holding while Drb at its 52weeks high. What does it indicates?
I have been holding Drb for more than 6months. I would say this counter is fundamentally strong and going up steadily. Drb has a high potential of capital gain, it gives dividends and defensive enough as compared to counter.

Another counter spotted by EPF. EPF has been buying it actively for the past few months. However, there is not much movement on the share price. Are they preparing for a real push? or they are just supporting the share price from going down?
MHB was on fire last month as it has awarded the opportunity to join the top 30 index counter. Share price went up significantly. The share price has slowly gone down this week. Does it indicate Pchem turns is here? I believe Pchem's turn is coming. This counter has a strong financials and deemed as one of the strongest GLC. Lets see how it goes next week.

Later on i will introduce a few small cap counter with great potential for capital gain.

Buy at your own risk!!! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I have try to make buy call... like bjcorp.. but it fell after my buy call ... sorry abt that... i was told the tp is higher... ... jus hold for awhile more ok?

There are a few counters i have been monitoring recently...

1. LBS
2. Pchem
3. DRB-Hicom
4. This 1 will reveal shortly... hint(small cap)

Guys... the turning point is around the corner... provided regional market is ok.
Get your cash ready. We should make some investment soon.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Dear readers,

For those who have been following my blog very close since my first post, i do appreciate if you guys willing to register yourself and continue to support my blog. And i will try to update my blog more often.

For those who do not like my post or my blog, please stay away from my blog. My blog is meant for my readers.


Monday, June 13, 2011

NEW buy call after SOOOO long

Bad Market.... But I'm a contrarian!!!

Buy call on Bjcorp!!!!!

Buy at your own risk!! :)