Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I have try to make buy call... like bjcorp.. but it fell after my buy call ... sorry abt that... i was told the tp is higher... ... jus hold for awhile more ok?

There are a few counters i have been monitoring recently...

1. LBS
2. Pchem
3. DRB-Hicom
4. This 1 will reveal shortly... hint(small cap)

Guys... the turning point is around the corner... provided regional market is ok.
Get your cash ready. We should make some investment soon.


  1. hi newbie, drb still got news? tot want to cut my cw. any advise? TQ

  2. hi Nic... yes there are things going on but got no idea when is the announcement. if u are holding cw, make sure u keep an eye on the expiry date. if its too near, its better if u can either change to mother share or cw with longer maturity period. market is bad. i think keep mother share better, but if u r risk taker. please go ahead with your cw. Buy at your own risk!!! :)

  3. thanks a lot. appreciate ur reply =)