Thursday, May 19, 2011

Question 1

i would like to raise a question here and i hope all my readers to participate in giving ur opinion.

1. recently, all insurance companies' licenses changed hand..
- Pacmas
- Jerneh
- Maa
- Berjaya Sompo
- HongLeong sold HLA

what else?
I guess--------

hmm... im nt gonna reveal first... lets have more interaction.. :)


  1. hi davors, thanks for ur reply. hmmm ur answer is nt accurate... think properly... i will reveal real soon. i hope u can give me another answer b4 i announce k. thanks :)

  2. reyust thanks for ur reply.... takaful might b 1 also... but i hv another that u guys din get to mention... no worries... i will give my opinion shortly..pls feel free to give more opinion...